“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arizona This And That

My week in Arizona had special memories, and one of my favorites was being in the Watchtower at Desert View.
Seeing the raven reminds me of my first visit with my daughter and the Junior Ranger badge she earned. It also reminds me of my book club friends and the last book we all hated!
How cool to go out and pick your citrus.
And guess where you find this beauty? The aviary?No - at the library.
Janet?? Where are our exotic birds cleaning up the gardens?And this is a rare Phoenix sight because rain is rare.
Yes! Rain and snow for my visit!
This was a great combination stop. We tried a Horchata drink.
Unique and a must try if you can.
Indian dinner with mom was fun, down to the spicy tea.
In the back of my mind, I though of those who come to these vast, gorgeous parks and die. Its quite sad, but not so rare. These cliffs and drops are not rides. I watched a few reckless souls playing along the edge in the heavy winds, and just wondered if they felt invincible.
Subtle decorations in the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.
Reminders of the farm.
Fun Western yard decorations.
With Sara at Thanksgiving.
Thanks for good friends and hospitality.


Linda Myers said...

Your words and photography have done such a fine job of describing the quality of your trip!

Lois Evensen said...

Wonderful images once again. I am still enjoying the trip! Thanks for sharing.

Decca said...

What beautiful photos! (But now I want to know what book your book group hated.)

Deere Driver said...

OK Decca!
The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl.

I listened on CD as I was driving on vacation this summer and about fell asleep at the wheel!

#1Nana said...

As snow is falling outside in gloomy eastern Oregon, I dream of warm breezes in Arizona...and now you tell me there's rain and snow! I think I'll go google the weather in Hawaii.

Deere Driver said...

Nana- Dream of Prescott or Phoenix weather!
I'm back in PA and its awful here right now.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Nice photos, hope you enjoyed your trip!

Louvregirl said...

Looks like a wonderful time all around!