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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1 11 11 @1PM Twin Does For Vinegar

Be Warned! A bloody photo and short video clip.

It was starting out to be one of those days.

For starters, I hadn't slept well listening to the monitor in the barn all night. I was anticipating the possibility of getting up for babies, as Vinegar's and Twee's udders were getting pretty tight. The morning before I had run out in 11 degrees to a false alarm. The cats meowing?
Not us.

I got up and let the dog out for his morning bathroom activities, and I as I closed the kitchen door, I caught a glance of the thermostat. 59 degrees F. WHAT? Why didn't I notice sooner? Our wood stove does a nice job of heating the upstairs via the balcony and a window (that's right, and its an outdoor window dating to the original farm house structure) to our bedroom. That, and I get dressed for the barn, which meant 18 degrees this morning.

We had plenty of oil, and after an attempt with the starter button, I called in the furnace troops. They said 11am, which worked fine for me, so I went on with my morning as usual. Noon came. Lunch was eaten and now it was 12:45pm when I called again. Another fifteen minutes. OK. My errands will have to wait.

A half hour later, the truck shows up. Jock and I go out to greet our hero, and as I am saying "Hello!", I hear YELLING from the field. I can't see anything, but I know - - kidding season has begun.

Out I ran to the field with a bag of rags and grabbed the babies to dry them and carry them to the barn. This distressed Vinegar a bit when I took the first one. With the second one she came trotting behind me, talking all the way. The darker doe is a bit slow getting going, but my neighbor Allison has gotten it on the teat to nurse a bit. After Vinegar finally lay down, we left them to all rest.

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