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Friday, January 28, 2011

Aziza's First Kids - Two Bucklings

So what's all the fuss about here?Our two week olds are old news with two new bucklings surprising us a day early. The surprise was enhanced by the fact that Aziza's udder was not very pronounced yesterday. Even so, my gut was telling me something was up, and I put the baby monitor set up on my list of things to do today. No need.I heard them before I saw them, as I fed the hens this morning. I looked in and saw that Aziza was a bit nervous, and didn't want me in the stall. After I got things settled with the rest of the goats, I sent out a few emails and made a few calls to Team Goat.
As I was working on fixing up the maternity ward, neighbor Alison showed up and went into action with drying and cuddling to get rid of the shivers. Next Aidan worked on his little buck to get him cozy, and we transferred them to their clean home. This little guy is being named after the first person to cuddle him - Aidan. The two brothers worked their way to their mom and she finally settled down to let them nurse. I was a bit worried about her, but she was quietly talking to them before the night was over.


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