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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Re-Construction Begins

All the walls are rebuilt and have been readied for primer, paint and tile.After using the tractor (me) and muscle (them!), the cast iron tub was removed and replaced with a new "ding-less" model! Luckily a lot of the work got done on nicer days, but now with a drizzle being the constant, most of the work is indoors. There is a tented tile cutting station at the front door. These guys were ready to work in all weather.
I am pleased at my first choices of tile going up, and today the grout will complete the picture. I was thinking of not using the glass and stone tile trim, but it was also used partly to avoid a small cut at the top. It turns out we love it and the accent it gives to the space. There was one flaw in yesterday's work.
Can you see it??
Dave noticed it right away.
This is a shower!


Kittie Howard said...

OMG! No shower spigot! My heart's sinking!

We selected the same size tile...put the border in the first renovation. What you've done looks fabulous!

Deere Driver said...

Lucky for us they had a fairly accurate guess. The pipe had been raised up, so recent measurements were remembered. They drilled a 1/4 inch off. Also we had tile to spare! Special order so we can't return anything anyway.