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Friday, July 8, 2011

Livestock Camp Part 2 - At Hoffers

Why so serious? These young people are part of the Penn State Extension's 2011 Livestock Camp this weekend at the Westmoreland Fairgrounds, and they are in the butcher shop, learning about an important part of the food production chain. We are at Hoffer's, touring this local meat packing facility. Without the butcher, we would all have to process, harvest - yes -butcher our own meats if we wanted it. Some of the kids are raising a market animal that will go to auction on the last day of whatever fair they are participating in. Today's visit presented a reality that is hard for some on that last fair day. Where would some of you be without hamburgers and hot dogs, steaks and drumsticks? At Hoffers, Mark, the butcher, reminded us that it is all part of the food chain, and there are a lot of people to feed, and we ALL want to eat. Food production is a very large industry to which we all are responsible. A lot of times people joke that their meat comes from the grocery cooler, but we know that the process is not as simple as that.I joined these 4-H and FFA kids on the tour after they were at our farm earlier this morning. Since I was the host/teacher, I couldn't take the photos, so I will present Part 1 when the photos come from one of the visiting adults. All I can say is that it was a real pleasure to have these kids here.
All their families have great kids!LOVED having a school bus at the farm!


Lois Evensen said...

How very fun! Yes, I am sure it is hard for them to take an animal they have raised to the butcher.

Linda Myers said...

My meat comes from a cow that someone butchered privately. I'm embarrassed to say it would be very hard to watch the actual event.l

Schick fun ideas said...

My son just came home from this event, and he loved the couple of days that he was there. He was thrilled with the visit to your farm. Yes the butcher shop is a reality, but it is something that these kids need to know if they are to raise a quality animal.
Thanks for hosting this group of kids!