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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Fourth on the Fifth

Things are quiet today with many people back to work. Hope your holiday was enjoyable - festive - fun!

Louvregirl's comment on my Fourth blog below reminded me of something I kind of forgot in my late night (early morning) posting. My little world has many folks who really enjoy shooting fireworks, so we have been hearing a few, or many, since Thursday, when the holiday unofficially began here. I live behind the very old and famous Idlewild Park, and from On the Pond we can see the park's Fourth display.
For two years now, we have had a neighbor doing their own "after show" that really competes with the park. I think they are the ones who, before their display commenced, began to play some music. At first folks along the pond were talking, then hushing to try and figure out what the music was. Soon we realized it was a lovely a Capella version of the Star Spangled Banner. Everyone became quiet to listen, and it became such a
nice respectful moment on such a boisterous evening. The bull frogs were the only accompaniment, with an occasional attempt to sing along.For a moment, I think we all remembered what we were celebrating.

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Lois Evensen said...

How beautiful! A great post!