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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Olympic Sculpture Park , Seattle

One of the first things I saw at Seattle's free outdoor sculpture park were families and kids enjoying the lawns of the amphitheater levels. There were camp kids playing freeze tag and workers having lunch all over this complex. It was simple yet perfectly usable for all sorts of activities.

This largest sculpture in the outdoor collection was being cleaned by the man with the hose. I wasn't sure if it was just water, or a chemical wash, so I kept my distance.This is one of the creepier and more realistic sculptures.
I've always loved Alexander Calder's works, and this one looks like its got little red offspring, and the Seattle Space Needle watching. This is a three piece sculpture that has a sense of humor. That is a metal chair and box that goes with the cement bench. The people are real!

See the eyes? They are chairs, and I'm sitting in one after walking around the whole park. Its pretty extensive and it warmed up nicely to enjoy, but I was dressed for cooler weather so I appreciated a break. See me now? The park is tied together with paths and gardens that make you feel welcome to approach all the art, and only a select few were hands off.

The first day I was here, the man was in the shorter fountain and there is a boy hidden in the larger fountain. Today the water was opposite, but I didn't get a photo. I wonder what the system is.

From most of Seattle, you can catch the free Bus 99 to get to the park and see this and much more, all for free. Definitely a great spot to see the water, trains and people, as well as the art. There is a pedestrian/bike trail linked here also and its well used.


Lois Evensen said...

Thanks for the tour. Interesting art. :) It is not surprising to see the Gates influence. He and his wife are quite the philanthropists. :)

Linda Myers said...

Glad you got there, Rose!