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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adeline's Quarantine Protest

It will soon be two weeks since the fair, and Adeline, Ali and Trixie have been in quarantine, just in case they picked something up from the other animals.
For a couple of days all of them were just happy to be home, and able to browse on their choice of weeds. 
But then being confined from the rest of the herd began to get on Adeline's nerves, and she staged a protest.
I turned around while filling water tubs for the other goats, and saw Adeline standing on the shed. 
I didn't even know she could jump that high.
I learn something new all the time about that goat.
But that wasn't enough.
Next she decided to stage a sit in. 
Problem was, the roof was too pitched and she began to slide off.  
That just made her more angry (See the video!).
She gave me a few pieces of her caprine mind.
So in between the slipping and sliding,
she began to tear apart the roof of the shed with her head,
and teeth -
...and eat it.
I guess she showed us!

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Jen Chandler said...

Oh no! Poor Adeline! I can't say that I blame her :) I'm not a fan of being confined to small places either! Hope the fair goats are all ok and can rejoin the heard soon!