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Monday, September 3, 2012

Quilt WIPS (Works in Progress)

 I bought this kit while on vacation two years ago at Mare's Bears Quilt Shop, a great place in Lewes, Delaware.
As it was a beach vacation, I bought this as my souvenir of our trip. 
What's really kind of funny is that the kit is produced closer to home at The Quilt Company, a shop I visit when I head over to visit friend Juliann, minutes away.
I am finally getting beyond the octagonals that make up the main part of the quilt.
Soon I hope to post the completed top.
Really close.
Have to tackle those mitred corners!
This little scrap quilt went together very quickly, is basted already, and waiting for me to try machine quilting on my new machine. It will be a gift for a wee little one born two weeks ago - Abigail Sage. I made a traditional styled quilt so that if it lasts through burps and dirt, it might be a lap quilt as she gets older.


Kittie Howard said...

Both are gorgeous! The wee one's will be a lifetime treasure.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Oh the quilt is coming together well....I am always on the look out for acquisitions and found some pieces in INdiana in a thrift store this July...but here it sits. If and when our weather cools and I can no longer dabble outside, I'll be back at the sewing. Nice little quilt and I hope it will be a treasure...

Jen Chandler said...

My grandmother used to quilt and I was always amazed at the intricate detail she was able to conjure and put into each one!

The first one looks like it's going to be made up of beach umbrellas! I love it :)


Deere Driver said...

Yep -they will be beach umbrellas, and I did something I don't usually do. I bought cutsie buttons of flip flops and shells to embellish. Still didn't get to that mitred corner yet though. Maybe this week! I'll get pics out.