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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Garden - Volunteers, Food, Weeds and Blight

In recent years my sunflowers have been "volunteers", planted by last years' fallen seeds wherever they may end up after the garden has been turned and tilled.
The birds will have few, but large heads to feed on very soon.
Hopefully they will leave a seed or two behind for next year.
As always, my vegetable garden started with big dreams - too big - but food was harvested.
Some of the asparagus I planted from seed three years ago had a second, small, delicious crop.
But as soon as we had the combination of heat(came early in June) and rain(came abundantly in July), the garden - as usual - became a weedy mess, saved only by Dave's vigilant weeding and mulching during the stinking heat.
However, the dispiriting thing was what seemed to be blight.
It started here,...
... and soon branched out.
A few batches of sauce are in the freezer, but much more of the harvest went to the chickens.
At least it didn't go to waste.
The chickens were very happy.
 As Mia likes to remind me - 
Man plans. God laughs.


Martha said...

I love it! We are in sync with our posting.

So sorry about your tomatoes. Sometimes pulling the blighted leaves off early can help stop the spreading. My in-laws had an early blight and were able to harvest tomatoes.

Your photo of Mia is perfect!

Lois Evensen said...

We have no harvest at all this year - I've been away during the summer. Next year our schedule reverses so I'll have more of a chance to do something with the garden. Love the last kitty picture. :))

Just want to let you know I'm having a heck of a time with your comment moderation verification to prove I'm not a robot. The numbers/letters are so difficult to read that it takes several tries to get them right. :((