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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lemon Balm Harvest

Today we harvested a good amount of lemon balm to dry for tea.

Next chance, and after we hit the liquor store, we are making Monastic Melissa Spirits. Not sure if it will be drinkable or medicinal. Time will tell.
http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_lemon_balm.htm - for recipe
For that we need fresh leaves.

After all this rain they'll be nice and clean.
Lemon balm is one of those plants that actually has some well documented science and research behind its herbal remedies. Its a member of the mint family and has many calming and antiviral uses.

University of Maryland Medical Center

But who could not enjoy that lemon smell anyway. I found it to be a good teaching plant when you want to interest young kids into gardening. And its a great plant to attract the bees to your garden too. It is so refreshing. I go through the garden and grab a bit and just smell its oils and it makes me smile. I'm calmed. It must be those phytochemicals.

We'll let you know about the Melissa Spirits in a couple weeks. It takes ten days to brew.

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