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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pecking Order

This morning was a nice slow walk out to the pastures. I was literally running everyone out for the past month. I was trying to get the kids to stampede behind the rest to get them out of the barn. Now that its hotter, and I'm usually carrying a couple gallons of water (another future project), walking is fine. Also I am hoping they just start without me, but that hasn't happened yet. I am still Lead Queen. They line up and mill around the door looking around for me. Great! Queen of a goat herd! Along the way, Layla, who seems to be the current alley leader, stopped for a munch, so Uno, who always used to be first at everything, passed her. As we were entering the gate for the field alley, there was a bit of butting, and Layla with her daughter, took the lead positions again. Uno has dropped in rank since she had her twins.
These are Zola's two bucks, and Uno's buck, lagging behind with slow Zola, who always brings up the rear.We are getting across the lower field pretty quickly now as the kids are getting bigger.
Zola is Herd Queen, once she gets here, and if someone is eating "her" food, they get a swipe of her neck.

Cleo is topping the grasses.
Aziza and Grant working together.
It looks like everyone is getting their share of what I think is goldenrod greens. Layla Mei
Everyone was enjoying the new browse today, and the little ones get a bit lost in it sometimes. This stuff is not as thick and high as others, but they are enjoying a good variety. See Cleo back there?I think you can see the line where they finished yesterday. By tonight it will all look the same, and we move fences again.

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