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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Stormy Weather

Another storm on its way Saturday night.
I think we've had heavy rain, thunder and lightening storms, and a bit of wind all week, usually later in the day or at night, but not exclusively. We even had tornado warnings in nearby counties and perhaps a sighting in Greensburg, about 13 miles away.
Last night, on our after dinner walk around the fence line with Mia and Jock, we found a large cherry branch on the path.
Luckily not much damage. Just a loosened post.
More for the burn pile
In this kind of weather, Jock is pretty underfoot as I am supposed to protect HIM from the thunder and barometric pressure changes.
Mid week I spent most of an hour getting the goats out on a rainy morning. If you don't know yet, goats prefer to be dry. Once out there they will browse in light rain if its warm, but cold heavy rain, and its in the sheds they go. Three goats followed me to the field, looking over their shoulders at the rest standing in the barn door. Once they were secure, I tempted Uno out with some food and shut the door behind her. Then I proceeded to shove the kids out one at a time till I had six out of seven done. Giving up on the remaining three does and a kid, I went outside with some grain and got Uno and a kid moving till I had the kid goat stampede. As I got them going up the alley, Vinegar started crying for her twins and pushed the barn door open and went after us. That got her older daughter going and so all that was left was Queen Zola. She needed a pull on the collar and then we had that bunch taken care of. I still had Neo to get out and by the time all was done, I was soaked to my socks - inside my knee high boots. THEN it stopped raining!
The thing about the storm skies is that it reminds me of those art history classes where we looked at all the masters paintings where it seemed the sky was the main topic.
I think I know what inspired them.

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