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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Paper Factory

Mom has a new job. Or perhaps an addiction. The paper shredder.
Tuesday we got a heavier duty, recycled, paper shredder from the Loyalhanna Watershed Association, and now my mother is known as the Paper Factory. She is addicted to shredding, and has been folding, tearing, and shredding paper since we plugged it in. She is shredding everything in sight. Magazines, mail, newspaper.
She is going to set the thing on fire - I swear! It has smoked a couple times, but we think (and hope) its just the dust from the white paper. We have to takes its temperature every once in a while to make sure she gives it a rest.
So far she must have produced three or four garbage bags of the stuff. The fun hasn't worn off yet.
What does one do with all this paper you ask? Well, we use it for bedding for the goat's stalls. We get several bags from a couple places, but all of a sudden we need more. Perhaps the doubling in size of the herd?
After making a mess in the kitchen, we moved the operation out to the garage, where she can run the factory as she pleases, whenever she wants, and be outside in the sun or shade, depending on which door is open.
Its a nice sit down job for her as she waits to have hip surgery. We tell her the paper tearing is good for her upper body strength.

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