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Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Range Goats

This morning, before I even got half way to the barn, I could see one kid, and then the whole herd, go under or through the fence. Before I knew it, they were along the tree line at the top of the hill. Fortunately, curiosity brought them back down to see what I was doing. I was redoing the fence.
Earlier one of the kids had accidentally nibbled her way under the fence while it was off and discovered new grass. That was that. No pain. Great gain. So it didn't take long after I pushed her back inside the fence for her to try again.Since they didn't want to really go anywhere, I let them fill their bellies while I finished redoing the electronet. Jock pretended to lead the way. They pretended to follow. This group is the seven kids born this April and May, plus Layla and her doe from December 30, 2009. The kid herd.
This was just a pretty picture of the farm.
The goats joined up along the fence for a while. There was a bit of goat conversation. Jock watched his herds.
A rare picture of the goat herder and her sheep dog.
The two herds join up for a walk back to the barn and the alley gate.
With a little corn temptation, Layla leads the kids back into the fences. This time I had the fences on before they went back in. No problems after that.

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