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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Small Ruminant Class - Kidding

Part of the reason I took the trip to Reedsville for the Hands-On Small Ruminant Care class is so that I would be so prepared for kidding problems, I'd never need it... Its like carrying an umbrella to keep the rain away mentality.This was a bit more relaxing after the necropsy, but intense in its own way.These plush twins were stuffed and pulled in every which way, to demonstrate typical and problem birthing situations.Breech in the dorsal position. Normal, feet first presentation. This kid needs a little help and a twist of the shoulders through the cervix or hip bones. Feet first backwards is a normal position also. We learned how to identify front and back legs while inside the mother, and making sure two feet belong to the same goat. We were shown how to use chains, tuck in tails and heads, and cross legs to pull the shoulders and hips through the cervix.
Please don't let me ever need to do all of this!

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