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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sheffield Pink Geraniums - End of Fall Beauty

A resurgence of lavender blooms
I saw my first splat of wet snow on my windshield at the top of Youngstown Ridge Road today. Snow has been north of us in inches for the past two days. I guess we are due. Meanwhile, the garden goes on. These photos of my Sheffield Pink Geraniums were taken in the past week during the few bursts of sun. They wait until the last minute to open, and the bees are slow and drunk on their blooms. You can see the pollen dusting the petals. The reason I bought this plant three years ago was because of the name. Those that know me recognize Sheffield as the city where I was born in England. Yep! Its true.

As it turns out , the plant has thrived and multiplied, so it earned a place in the garden by being this bright, pink shock at the end of the season.One single, last Shasta Daisy

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