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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Browsing On The Hill

This morning we had a good soaking rain. Good for the garden after a couple of hot days.I think the cats were caught far in the field, because they both showed up with wet fur. Not their favorite condition, as you can see by the annoyed look from Snickers.
While it rains, I thought I'd update you on the browsing on the hill.
Do you remember this scene two weeks ago?
Lush and thick. Full of variety.
Here is pretty much the same spot.
You can see the ground, and although it might look green in spots, there's not a lot left.
As the growth is getting thinner...
...the goats are depending on team work to reach the higher branches.
Not easy to do on the hill.
I must say, Pants looks a bit embarrassed to have Aziza standing on him.
Here you can see the crisp fence line area on Saturday, as the nannies and kids were introduced to the left side of the hill.
The yearling side is on its last days, but for the roses and a few tall brambles.
After two days, the left side is already thinning out.
Those big girls can really clear. And they do it happily!

The sun is coming back out. Time to work!


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Lois Evensen said...

What a happy group keeping the greenery under control. There could be so many funny titles for look on the face of the wet kitty. :)