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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Other "Job"

This tree is strangely special to me lately,... ...because its sits at the beginning of the first portion of our trail to be surfaced. It almost got cut down in May, because it looked as dead as the junk piled underneath it. It looked like this just a few weeks ago, ......until a group of volunteers came in and cleaned it up so that excavation can begin.
The guys with the chain saws were just itching to go, but we decided to wait and see.
Now it will be a resting place for walkers and bikers on a hot day, or a place to hide from the rain.I am the volunteer project manager working on the trail, and it has been keeping me busy as of late.
Naturally, I administer their blog too, so I invite you to see what our community is working toward.
The trail will be on a rail bed that was sold in the 1950's, and our township acquired an easement to build a Rails to Trails project.
You can still see the coal ash and the raised area from the tracks. Already people are enjoying the cleaned out area, and soon, we will have a gravel bed for bikes and walkers to enjoy.
I'll get back to the farm soon.
The natives are missing seeing themselves here.


Lois Evensen said...

What a super project! :)

Feral Female said...

Sounds pretty cool! Love the snapshot of the calico kitty!

Deere Driver said...

FF: You're in the neighborhood. We'll see you here someday I hope.