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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butterfly Weed and Butterflies

The Butterfly weed has somehow become our signature flower. Soon they will be going to seed and this flower is one of the last that I found. Do you see the three tiny butterflies? Their stripped antennae are only visible to me enlarged. Beautiful.


Kittie Howard said...

Magnificent! I really, really love the top photo. If you click over to LouisianaBelleForever (in the blogs I follow), Belle has a photo blog. She entered a contest at PilgrimWoman (I think so called, or very close) and was honored for a photo. It's like the ultimate honor in blogland. I think you could also be honored.

I have a friend with gastro intestinal problems who can only drink goat's milk which, come to find out, is all the healthy rage. Do you have a dairy on the farm? (Just wondering; I'm not wild about any kind of milk.)

Deere Driver said...

Goats milk has been a standby for many years, but mine are meat goats. They can be milked of course, but we only do when there are problems with kids.

I prefer my milk as cheese.

Feral Female said...

Very pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing!

John said...

That awesome i love your blog.