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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jock's Day Out With The Dogs

Jock and his friends came out today for Bethlen Communities 2nd Annual Memorial Walk for Ando, a walk to honor Ando the police dog, who we lost last year to cancer. The event started as fundraiser to help pay the medical bills for Ando, but after he died, it became a way to help defray the cost of training and maintaining the new K-9 dog on our police force.This day was about Jock and his well behaved friends, and their good owners, and how they can help the community. There are many of them, and they all were shining examples of how to have fun, and still be gracious in a crowd. After some socializing, they all were quiet for the blessing of the dogs. Then it was down to the business at hand. The walk through town. It was quite a parade, and quite orderly. And quite hot! We followed the route marked by the colorful paws. When necessary, we used the pedestrian walkways so that the owners would be safe, and kept off the grass. Not one angry word was heard from all the sizes and shaped pals that came to help raise funds for the local K-9 Unit. Our newest Police Dog Blek was with Officer Eric, and a partner K-9 team, to walk with us. Then they talked about the work they do, and demonstrated some of their techniques. Jock was terribly proud to help in this second annual walk for Ando, and plans to practice the limbo for next year so that he can take first place. (He got second!).

To see more about this event, click here: Ando


Bethlen Communities said...

Thanks for attending the event and posting this on your blog as well! I'm glad Jock had a good time. Even though it was hot, everything worked out well I thought. And what a fun way to support the K9 program! Always looking for new ideas to make this event even more enjoyable for the pets and their owners! Please feel free to offer suggestions!
I particularly enjoy meeting all the dogs and just marvel at the many breeds represented. What a treat!

Deere Driver said...

If the heat is a factor again, having the games on the grass would help.

I think winter games would be fun too. Jock LOVES the snow!

Kittie Howard said...

What a fabulous idea that I wish more communities would adopt (like where I live; am sending our mayor an encouraging e-mail). Loved seeing the paw marks to follow, another precious idea. But hear ya on the heat. *sigh* Congratulations to Jock on his second place ribbon. He looks really handsome.