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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zig Zag Quilt

Today was a cloudy day and I had a cloudy head for a second day. A weird cold/allergy something that seems to be the rage this week. After sleeping in and taking a steamy shower to open my head, I decided to finish the quilt back that I cut out yesterday.

The top was started in March when I wanted to find a way to use half square triangles in a "new" pattern.

It was finally put together a few weeks ago with Mom pressing the half square triangle blocks till they drove her nuts.

I had quite a collection of browns I had no good use for, and wanted to get some out of my cupboard. Mission accomplished with only a few little scraps left for a future scrap quilt. I used one color (the pumpkin calico) from the front that went together and kept things bright.

Its for my sofa in the family room for those cold evenings when you just need a little something.

Now I have to find a place to put the quilt sandwich together and baste it.

If you want to see where this pattern came from, its in a few places but the one I found helpful is: http://aquiltisnice.blogspot.com/2008/09/zig-zag-quilt-kit-tutorial.html
A tutorial on half square triangles is here.
A link to calculate sizes is here:


Lois Evensen said...

Very nice. The colors are very "comfortable" in the same way I think of "comfort food." Those colors just fit with a "cuddle up with a good book" in front of a fire on a winter day. :) So nice.

Deere Driver said...

On the zig zag side I was going for a bright, "sunny" warmth. The back did come out comfy and warm.

Will I have it together for that first cool night??...in 2010?? or 2011!!

Kittie Howard said...

Beautiful! I love the comfort colors. They're bright yet warm and cozy enough to go with any book. But after all that work, I'd fall asleep reading!!

Cape Cod Kitty also does quilts. You might enjoy her blog.