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Sunday, June 26, 2011

No More Greenberries

As soon as June turned the calendar, friends and family would ask,"How are the blueberries?" I would answer, "Don't have any blueberries, just greenberries."With a busy week behind me, I forgot to check on the berries, and so yesterday morning, as he was coming down the hill from his walk with Jock, I yelled to Dave, "Hey! Check for blueberries."Ten minutes later he arrived holding his t-shirt like a basket, full of blueberries for breakfast. So this evening, between the sprinkles, I picked a colander full of blueberries. With the supervision of Snickers, I worked at a steady pace, scrutinizing each berry. Then came along the hungry hens, and the competition from the gals picked up my pace! Finally, when my colander was spilling over, I brought in my harvest.


One thing I learned about blueberries today is that you DON'T wash the berries to freeze them. I guess the water toughens their skin. So now the fresh picked berries are being frozen on cookie sheets to be bagged later. Soon, my first frozen berries will be labeled and ready for a yummy recipe in the winter.
We have blueberries!

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trashmaster46 said...

That's a great picture of Snickers :)