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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Second Floor Joys (Bathroom Update)

This is my list of small, second floor joys.
We have a toilet (see it hiding?). Its hooked up again after residing on the front porch - YES- the front porch - for ten days while the demolition and renovation went on.We have water.
We have a shower rod, and pretty new hooks.Therefore a shower curtain was finally hung, and the first shower in five weeks was taken on the second floor - vs. the basement - today.We have a vanity cabinet that took a bit longer than expected to get here. Set us behind a couple of weeks. The wrong color(was supposed to match), but the neutrality of everything else lets it work.We have sinks. One works. After buying faucets with too large hardware for the old holes, I got ones that fit. Mine may be hooked up tomorrow, but I don't care. I can wash my hands in the same room as the toilet now. How about that! Too much information?
Welcome to the renovation world!


Linda Myers said...

Been there. We were without a tub in the upstairs bathroom for four months. The day I didn't have to go downstairs for my shower was a happy one.

Lois Evensen said...

Your Blue Pearl Granite counter top from Norway is beautiful. We have it in our kitchen, bread room, butler's pantry, and third floor bathroom. :) It comes from the next town over from where My Honey was born.

Deere Driver said...

Four months! I feel numb thinking about it!

The granite top is the only thing we saved from the original bathroom. Norway Huh? Cool!

Just wrote the list of what has to be finished and then the wish list stuff. Could be a while yet, but we have the essentials. Who needs trim and towel racks?!