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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Invasion

In past years I wondered what all the fuss was about. Stink bugs really were making the news, but we barely saw one here. This summer a few started to show up here and there, but mostly out on my tomatoes. Now they have started to sneak into the house. This particular one was quite the large and healthy armored body. I got him out the door on the first magazine I could find. I can't say we have a real problem yet, but I am careful to get them out the door without helping them release their stink. I probably should be doing them in.
The other invader seems to be a bit bigger.
I'd say we have mice in the barn.
No kidding, you say. Well, this is the first time we have seen evidence around the feed. We try to keep things tight, but these tiny crumbs in the containers we use to carry grain to the stalls were enough attraction. We are being more diligent about emptying every crumb and tipping the containers up side down now. The cats have been told to ramp up their patrols.

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