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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rhode Island Reds

We have a couple newcomers today, and the rest of the hen house is making a lot of noise about it. Matter of fact they came running out of the barn in the pouring rain to let me know how they felt. I think even you can read that body language. Pretty ticked off, don't you think? A friend, Lenny, had a couple too many laying hens, and emailed last week to see if I could use them. I had been considering making a drive to get a few more when Lenny wrote. Two young Rhode Island Red layers is probably all I need to keep the house in continuous eggs next year. My six have still been keeping up with three or four a day, but I expect to have a lot less as the days get shorter. Next year a few of them will be three and four years old so I don't expect to see as many eggs, but then again they surprised me this year.

Can't wait to have these girls settle in with the others, but for now they will be getting used to each other with the crate as a barrier. Chickens can be nasty fighters and I'd prefer to avoid the injuries all around.

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