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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ugh! Double Ugh!

That I am able to post this blog means that we have power, and I know many of you don't. We did get a few inches of heavy, wet snow yesterday, and it flattened anything it could. Glad I got the photos of the geraniums earlier in the week. They are quite tattered now.We spent part of yesterday morning clearing the fences of snow, leaning branches, and other tall plants that were supposed to be goat browse for a couple more weeks. So much for careful pasture rotation. Now, of course, the fields are turning to mud as the temps hover above freezing. I know many of you had branches take out power lines, so I hate to whine, but I will. The other "Ugh" is that Pants is not eating. This is not a good goat thing ever. A sure sign of a problem, and one that has been creeping up for about two weeks. I treated him for what I thought was parasites earlier this week, and there was a slight improvement. Then he stopped eating. Perfect temperature, clear lungs and he is on his feet and showing no discomfort except for grinding of teeth. Last night and today he was getting yogurt to try and get his rumen going. I don't hear much digestive noise. I fear its urinary calculi and there's not much I can do there. To me it doesn't make sense, but that he's a male goat and it happens.

Right now he is in the barn and seems comfortable. I did wash his face! Its time for me to go and massage his belly. Wish us luck.


Lois Evensen said...

Ah, snow, but much too soon. I'm so sorry about Pants. Perhaps your extra TLC will help him get better....

Linda Myers said...

Sending good thoughts about Pants your way.