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Monday, October 17, 2011

Love Lorn Layla

Meet Remington. Don't you love those horns?! This has been Layla's "companion" for the past seven weeks at SCS Farm. He is the father of Layla's next kids, if all goes well.
Remington is said to weigh about 300 pounds, although I don't know the last time someone wrestled him onto a scale. Just look at the difference in size between him and Layla. It took two men to get a halter on him to tie him so that we could capture Layla. She'd gotten a bit attached to Remi and did not want to leave his side. Layla is in her own stall and her own field for now until we can ease her back into the herd. She's warming up slowly today, but is still a bit skittish. Pockets of corn have been working their charm though.It was tough dragging her out of her stall, and then once she realized we were going out side, she was dragging me. The other goats called to her and she has spent the day looking at them in the distance, and then circling her area.Nothing a little corn and time shouldn't cure.

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