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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bring Me Your Poor, Tired Trees

OK! Not all of you are going to hop in a truck, train or plane to bring me your tree. However, there most likely is a good place nearby to give your tree another purpose. 

Over at Brooklyn Feed , Martha blogs about Mulch Your Christmas Tree! (On the Pond Farm is mentioned. Yay!!) and has the link for the NY Mulchfest this week-end.  We have the same thing locally through our Loyalhanna Watershed Association (drop them off in the designated area at the Country Market field), so don't let those old trees blow around and rot when they can have one more purpose.
Here, of course, we use them for goat entertainment.  Speckles is very happy!
First they are eaten and then they become hay racks. 
 We are already well into our second or third tree per field. 
I just had to haul this nice big one over this morning, and the girls were most pleased. Do you see Twee's nice udder(on the right)? We are watching for her to kid in the next few days.  Her belly is down to her knees!
As you can see, we have a bit of snow on the ground. Even more of an issue is the wind chill although the sun has taken turns coming in and out. See the ripples on the pond?
I will admit to being blown around in the alley this morning, and I am no feather!! But Jock loves this weather and he needs his walks. Yes. Even when its 19 degrees out side and feels like -2. 

"A tired dog is a good dog."


Louvregirl said...

Agreed with that last line. Do the goats really eat the pine needles???!

Deere Driver said...

We are trying to figure out which trees are their favorites, as some they strip the bark too. There is one tree out there with long needles that they don't seem to be too keen on, but the rest are getting pretty stripped down. I need to take samples to my friend Bill to identify what we have.

That last quote is not mine but I learned its worth eight years ago when we got Jock.

Lois Evensen said...

Most of our Christmas tree will end up in the compost bin. The big parts will heat our living room from the fireplace. At the moment, the tree is on the front porch waiting to be dismembered and pieces put in the appropriate spots. The goats look great, but the last image is a real winner.