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Friday, January 27, 2012

Layla Did It!

And we're up two more girls this afternoon. 
Is that a smile on Layla's face? 
I don't blame her. We've both been hanging around the barn the past two days, waiting to see what that wide belly was going to produce.  I gave up and ran some errands this afternoon. When I came home, I wasn't sure what I was hearing on the monitor. The two day old little bucklings still have squeaky voices, so I though they were just up and about.  I went to the barn to get ready to bring everyone in and as I got in the barn, I heard the LOUD voices of our latest set of twins.  They were on their feet, and oh! - so dirty.
I scampered back to the house and made my "neighborly" phone calls. Then I ran a jug of hot water and found a tub to give these little ones a rinse off. With the extra hands of Karen and Allison, we quickly got them rinsed, dried, and their cords trimmed and dabbed with antiseptic.
These two should be easy to distinguish as their head colorings are quite different.
We got Layla's family in their private quarters and everyone came over to see and share.  In another day or two, things will get a bit more rough when food is getting stolen, but for now, all is well.

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