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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Boys!

This was Trinity this morning, four days late, but with a full udder. I spied on her all day, sure that she would go, but all for naught.
This is her mother Layla, who if you remember, went to SCS Farm to be bred to Remington. I didn't have a due date for her, but it sure looks like she's been ready for a while.
So who had two more boys today?
 Here's Trinity at about 8:30PM cleaning her first buckling.
 Here he is two hours later and a bit fluffed up.
 And his younger brother by about fifteen minutes.
Here is the VIDEO of the second buckling being born.
WARNING! Its a bit bloody if that gets to you.
Initially, Trinity was very worried about every noise the boys made, and seemed too nervous to nurse, so I milked a syringe full off and got her to relax.  I gave the milk to the little guys and that was it.  They wanted more of that good stuff!
After getting both to nurse and letting me do a little clean up of the placenta, Trinity just dropped on her knees to rest.
She almost squashed one of the little guys, but he was able to get himself out of the way, and I assisted too.
Lots of fresh bedding and its time for bed.
Sleep tight!


Dawn said...

Very Beautiful! Where do you get all of your paper shreds for bedding?

Deere Driver said...

Hey Dawn! We shred paper from the high school office and our own. The Y and a couple offices and the library donate. Right now its going really fast with all these kids running around. Its been so muddy outside, I've got them in more than I'd like.

Dawn said...

That's awesome! What great resources. You've inspired me to check into a few options I might have. Do you compost it as you would wood shavings or straw?

Deere Driver said...

I like the paper better than straw. Wood chips are nice but I use them when its soggy. Paper breaks down really nice. This is all "white" paper. The shredders don't like newspaper, although a section gets in once in a while. Newspaper is bad for the machine. We killed the first machine trying to shred any and all paper.

We pile it up and it all breaks down.