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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunny Day Out for Neo and Trinity.

I promised a clip when the kids got outside for the first time. It was a little breezy and cool for them but they got to explore a little. They weren't too hoppy when I shot this. They had just been napping in the sun together, and too curious about being outside and the new things to try and taste.

Remember they are only four days old tonight. But you can see how independent they are becoming. Layla doesn't like it when they split up. A lot of talking and calling.

I went to my usual name sites and I start with African names because the Boer goat breed is from South Africa. I found the name Neo, meaning gift. Also more popular because of the Matrix movies, which we enjoyed. So I said out loud, "What other names are in that movie?" "Trinity" was the answer. "Perfect!" was my answer. You see I have come up with naming the females numerically. Uno was first. Twee, African meaning "two" was next. So Trinity was meant to be with Neo.

Did you know Layla means "dark beauty" in Swahili and is a character in an Arabic/Persian legend? Eric Clapton did.

Neo and Trinity's First Day Out VIDEO

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Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Loved the video...they are SO adorable!