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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Regional Trail Corporation (RTC) Retreat

Hannah Hardy, President of RTC and Peggy Pings from the National Park Service.
Yesterday evening and today, I spent my time with a group of really dedicated trail enthusiasts at workshops and brainstorming sessions. I'm putting a little slide show in the right column for a few days in your honor. Enjoy!
I was invited by Malcolm Sias from Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation to attend and learn. I am hoping in the future, the Ligonier Valley Trail will become part of the RTC, but we have work to do before we get there.
I want to say hello to a few people that I have met over the five years with the Ligonier Township Recreation Board, and thank them for their continued interest and support. Also I met a few new folks that I hope to consider friends as we work to similar goals in the future.

As to my dream of someday having a trail through the gorge between Latrobe and Ligonier, these are samples of a solution used in Collinsville, CT.
Farminton Valley Greenway: http://www.fvgreenway.org/

If you are coming to visit SW Pennsylvania, as I want all of you to do, please take a look at these sites and their links for fun things to do around here.



Soon, I am hoping to have a blog dedicated to information on the Ligonier Valley Trail. It'll be on my blog list, and hopefully the Ligonier Living blog when I get it rolling. It will be full of information, pictures and links to get our trail built and used. I'll move the slide show there too!
Stay Tuned!!


Diane Cipa said...

Now that's an exciting post!

Anonymous said...

Great meeting you on Saturday, and thanks for sharing ideas! I'm enjoying your blog...keep up the great work! When you get a chance, stop in West Newton Station on the Great Allegheny Passage.

Deere Driver said...

And what's great is how quickly things can be updated and expanded with a tool like this.

I hope to see a lot more of all the trails this year, but the Friday night presentation got me all excited about seeing the West Newton Station. What an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed Friday night. I heard it was a good presentation!