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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aged Monastic Melissa Spirits

The experiment we started earlier this month has continued.
To the left are the ingredients as we started with them.

We let the lemon balm concoction age a bit more than the required ten days. Its been busy around here, but Mom hadn't been sleeping well, so we decided she would be a perfect guinea pig for the powers of lemon balm.
With a coffee filter, we finally strained and re-bottled the brandy, now full of the medicinal and curative properties of our fresh lemon balm. It actually was very clear already, but we went through the steps properly. You can see - no sediment at all.
I was thinking the liquid would become green, but it only became a bit darker than the original brandy color. A fine dark amber.
So last night Mom had about half a shot glass of "spirits", with a chaser of soda. The taste: strong but mainly of alcohol. The lemon balm is subtle.
Her opinion? It helped her sleep a little.

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