“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday, White Saturday, and Confetti Sunday

Friday was spent trying to time our trips around the Black Friday shoppers, and the incoming sleet and snow. But once home, it was just another day. What made the Thanksgiving week-end particularly fun was the neighbor's visiting grand twins. Here they are checking out the ruckus in the adult goat stall.
They were at the barn twice a day to help get all the goats in and out, preparing the feed, and even did some stall work getting the bedding paper down.The extra hands were helpful Saturday morning when we put all the goats into new areas, requiring us to change their routine. By Sunday the goats had the new destinations all figured out. Fast learners.Mary Ashley made sure every kid had a spot on the hay rack. Jake also needed a bit of love and Dave's corn treat.
Saturday was our first day waking up to any snow on the ground, and the gray sky looked like it would bring more.
The snow highlighted the dips and hills.
You can see all the work put into mowing the fields.
To me its quietly beautiful.
In the early afternoon the sky had turned blue, and the snow was gone, as we showed a friend the fields and woods.
As gray and raw as it had been in the morning, the afternoon was breezy and amazingly clear.And suddenly we could see what had been obscured in the clouds on the morning walk... ...snow topped mountains in the distance. It was quite wonderful!And as for the confetti today. It came out of the most recent batch of recycling from the high school. Looks like the goats should have a party.

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