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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pasturing the Goats

All year we have been taking the goats out to the fields, rotating the paddocks and extending the pastures with the electronet fences, so that we can maximize the high tensile fenced areas. If you've been following along, and look today, you can see its been working pretty well. The fields are still producing enough for the goats, so we have not had to supplement with hay. They are still getting it fresh from the field.
The past month or so, we have been taking the kids outside the main fences to get to their field. In addition to getting fed, they are doing weed and grass maintenance on the outer alleys.
Today they barely needed us to get to their pasture. It is a long walk across the field to the gate and then up the hill. My assistant goat herder, the dogs and I get a good, stimulating walk everyday.
If they learn how to open the gates (actually been done a couple of times!!), and close them behind themselves (not done yet), we can all sleep in.
Problem is, they are trained to be so well behaved with a reward of grain, once they get to their destination.
Today they got all they way to their fenced in area, which was open and waiting, way ahead of us.
They came tearing back in a little goat stampede to look for their treat. Honestly, the fuss they make. You'd think they were starving or something.


Sandy said...

Hi, I just want to let you know that I very much enjoyed reading your blog. I've always lived in the city or suburbs, and I love animals. My fiance and I are working toward owning a bison ranch, and because I've always been enamored of goats, we plan to keep a few of them.

I will continue to follow your blog. Love the pictures, too!

Deere Driver said...

Sandy, I loved those bison when we were out Yellowstone way and even suggested a calf for here. After seeing that jumping bison - I think not! This fence was expensive enough!!

My understanding is that goats are very compatible with cattle for use of forage and grazing. I would assume it works for bison.

Glad to have you along.