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Monday, November 30, 2009

Puzzles and Piecing In Progress

Well! When aren't there works in progress! Some for about 20 years...

Oh! Lets not go there. I know Kristin - your quilt!
Don't you love this detail in the fabric?
These are two projects that are underway right now. Both involve a little piecing and design. Just different materials. One is a bit tough on my shoulder, but fun nonetheless.
The slow to get started project, till Dave got it going, is the field stone pad for the frost free faucet from the second spring. I wanted an area that would be easier to mow around. Also a surface that could drain the running water. And, if the goats are around it, they couldn't make a muddy mess. Its been like a jigsaw puzzle, and I am still walking around the fields looking for missing pieces. I like how its started, but we'll see how it looks in the end. If you like puzzles, you should come over. This is fun and gets the creative juices flowing. You also have to go for a level surface, so its got a few dimensions to think about as you move pieces around.
I had a plan when I started this re-learning, nine patch project. One was to see if my sewing machine was still working after sitting unused for six years. Yes! Its true. Six years. The quilt I have been working on only had hand quilting left, so I've been busy without a machine. Then I experimented a bit with the quilt group's machine. Well now that I need to put on binding and start something new, I wanted to get some practice in, learning what I have forgotten about piecing, pressing and keeping things square. My Singer Diana works, although I'm sure it needs some TLC. My corners are coming in pretty sharp and square, and I got so far with past knowledge, but tomorrow I think I need a hint on what's best next. My group should have some advice.

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