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Friday, August 19, 2011

Westmoreland Fair Drop-Off Day

We've been to the fair the past few years as trophy sponsors, but this year we are also 4-H animal lessees. You've seen Julia working with the goats this summer and now its Westmoreland Fair time. Julia has Adeline and Ali well under control, and now we look to see her summer work pay off. The goats have been behaving well so far. We've been eying the competition and there are LOTS of Boer goats, and some very nice ones. Its hard to tell what their age groups are, so there's no need to worry about it till the judge is in the ring on Monday and Tuesday. I think the goats are as primped and trained as we can get young goats to be. Now its time to enjoy the experience.
Already we are making new friends that are so eager to share knowledge and tips. Holly is one of the 4-H visitors from the Livestock Camp, and she and her mom have been such a help orienting us, as have several other people.
If you are at the fair, stop and say "Hello!".


Lois Evensen said...

I sure hope they do very well! I'll stay tuned to hear all about it. ;)

Deere Driver said...

I hope Julia is rewarded for her work this summer. I think the goats look good, but how will they all do under pressure? And they are away from their nanny and sister. One started crying a minute after Julia left the fair barn, and the two siblings are a wreck in my barn!