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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mia In the House

If you have followed the blog a while, you may remember that Mia and Snickers were throw away cats that I got from my vet. They became the barn cats, taking over where our Sylvester had left off in the mouse eradication department. Snickers takes the job very seriously, but Mia was most certainly a house cat in her past life, and is forever trying to retain that title. Our kitchen door has a storm/screen door that closes slowly on a spring, and if one is not paying attention, Mia sneaks in. She goes to Pekoe's dry food, so I can usually catch her there, but on several occasions, I don't know she is in the house till she announces herself with a "Meow"! On this particular afternoon, I walked into the family room to find her lolling quite happily on the spiral staircase. Oh Mia!


Lois Evensen said...

What a lovely girl. She is surely trying to convince you that she is in charge of her accommodations. ;)

Linda Myers said...

A housecat wannabe!

Deere Driver said...

House Cat In Waiting!
Maybe I'll let her retire to the house at a certain age. She is a sweetheart!