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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another "Typical" Day

Many animals were out during the morning errands today - some wild and some domestic (I think). When I first looked out on the west fields I though I was looking at Snickers, our new four month old kitten. As I went out to the barn, it took off and I realized it was too big and dark to be her. The dog started after it but it was long gone before he got far.

Then as I was moving some of the goats' electronet, I saw a Kingfisher buzzing around the pond. Actually I heard it first. I would love to get a photo, but I don't know if that will be possible. I feel lucky to even see it flying once in a while. It disappears as soon as I go near the pond. I think my fascination has something to do with my English childhood reading or stories we were told, but I can't tell you today what those stories were. I just know the Kingfisher was there.

This morning's walk past the pond came up with only two ducks. Down from the eight or ten that I have seen the past mornings. I now wonder if it has something to do with the large hawk sitting in the trees along the edge of the woods above the pond. I took my camera back up to get a video or still and as soon as I got close enough to turn my camera on, off it flew to the very tall pine/fir on the east border.

Continuing the morning walk, I went to investigate the area where we had two hunters trespassing last evening. As I approached the entrance of "Kristin's Path", I heard rustling. I stopped and waited and along came a buck. Unfortunately, Jock then got involved and started to chase the deer, but came back about as soon as I called him. I'm not an expert on evaluating "points", but this had nice sized antlers.

Then I looked around and found what I was looking for - the cartridges from the two first shots last night. There was a third shot, but the leaves are dense and I only gave it so much effort. The two orange coated people took off when I called up to ask who it was. My hunters with permission would have waved and yelled.
As I came out along the power lines and headed down to the field again, another large cat was laying in the tall grass and took off with Jock behind in close pursuit this time. The hunters have told us that they see a lot of cats when they are up there. Is that also a sign that we don't have a coyote problem here?
On the way back across the field is when I saw the large white breast of the hawk above the pond. That's when I needed my camera.
November is here and we are still enjoying the garden vegetables. Today's lunch included a few cherry tomatoes.

We still have lots of peppers that go into chili and sauces. I'm hoping to make it last.
Towards lunch time I looked out at the goats and they were all facing the same direction, craning their necks back and forth. I walked out with my coffee and the dog, just in case there was another dog wandering around. That is a problem every once in a while. The goats didn't pay much attention to us as they were transfixed on facing whatever it was that was bothering them.
Well it was a huge, pure white cat. I guess it was seen up in the field this week-end, and now I hear it has been seen on the other side of the street and the other side of our property. It makes me think that there are several cats either wandering way too far from home, or dumped off to fend for themselves.
Jock treed the cat twice before I could get him to stay away and let the thing down.
I'll be curious to see if it does belong to someone because it looks like a pure something.
The goats relaxed and got back to their lunch.

At the end of the day the new pullets were a pain because they had found their way to the cat food in the upper barn, made quite a mess and tipped the water. I did my best to hide the food and chase them out, but I bet those bird brains will be at that door tomorrow. I had left it open a bit so Mia could squeeze out. I'll have to close it after she gets out and she will have to hunt for her lunch till she gets in at night. I've already found Snickers eating the chicken food, so I guess they are resourceful when hungry.

I hope to upload the chicken video from today, but we are having technical problems it seems.
I think it is too big. You'll have to visit!

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