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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bucky Makes An Impression

Since all our goats thus far have been gentle even though they are strong as can be, we didn't anticipate the determination and strength of a buck. Everyone has their buck stories. After 24 hours, so do we.This morning, Bucky was in the main part of the barn after pushing the door off its bottom hinges and walking out underneath it. Needless to say, we have been making changes to the barn today. The door was switched and reinforced. I hope it holds.

Speckles was wailing and yelling this morning and then when she got in the field, she started wagging her tail and just stood at the fence staring at Bucky. As soon as I let her into the alley so that she could walk along the fence by Bucky, he started with his talking and "dating". I let them in together and it was only seconds before the mating began.

Speckles has already has twins this year, a buck and a doe. I hope she can do the same for us.

But even though Bucky was busy with Speckles most of the day, he started the day enlarging the hole in the side of his shed using his head and horns. By this evening, there were two significant holes - one on each side. He can't be doing it because of the 20 degree temperatures!

Tonight the new door looked like it would hold up. I won't be surprised if he finds another way out though.

I want to thank Matt for letting us use his buck.

Matt - we are learning a lot.

Just a little cold morning video. As we watched him destroy one more thing, I think we were in a bit of shock!

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