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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Give Thanks for Leftovers

Mia satisfied after enjoying the turkey leftovers

Snickers cleaning up what Pekoe didn't in the cat food dish.

Our barn cats are not allowed in the house and seem to be in a routine of going into the barn at night like all the other animals. They can get out through some corners, but I hope they are working the night shift in the barn eliminating the rodents there. In the barn they are protected from the elements, and there is their dry food feeder and water, when it doesn't freeze. If it is frozen, they already have been drinking out of the chicken water which is now in an electric heated bowl.

When we have some tasty morsels, we call the cats for this treat. I want them to come when called especially since they need to be caught for the occasional vet visit. Snickers had her second set of shots this week and was very good waiting on my lap at the vet's. She is a sweet kitten, but not when she has a kill or a piece of turkey skin. She growls if her mother or anyone gets near her meat. I think we lucked out with these two cats for the barn and garden. They are on the hunt constantly.
Bucky isn't eating turkey, but we found he likes our goat mix.
Hence the lip licking.

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