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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fencing - The Final Chapter

Well, not really the final chapter since I haven't taken pictures of the final product. I guess when the goats are in there its real.
The alley waiting for the tension and gates.
We had one problem that had to be fixed this morning. When Dave hooked up the charger Saturday, the fence worked - too well. There are six wires. Only four are meant to be hot. All of them were coming up hot and the posts were snapping and sparking. Turns out that the one hot wire was twisted around two others in the far corner.

Jock learning to stay away from the taught wires.

It was a quick fix with the right tools. The only problem then was that they couldn't get up the hill because the grass was slick from the snow and wetness. A little rain and snow makes a mess in a hurry.

These two short clips will show you the finishing touches being done to get the gates in and a shot of the center alley.

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