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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All's Well Wednesday morning

Just to show you how wise Layla is, this is today's weather. Snow on the ground when I got up, and blustery. The rest of the girls are hiding in the shed together, just keeping warm.

Layla's family is doing well. First sight this morning was her standing and both kids nursing.(Video below) After last night, it was a relief. I have a crick in my neck from sitting on the barn floor and helping the little guy get going.

Its important for the kids to nurse in the first few hours so that they get the full benefit of the mothers colostrum. You want them to have all the antibiotic and nutritional value they can get from the start. Their stomach lining can absorb it best in the first 12 to 24 hours and mom produces the thick milk for about 48 hours. Timing is important.

Our first kid, Uno, had problems getting started and then her mother developed udder problems. We ended up having to milk her to relieve the pressure. She was not happy. Neither were the milkers. To avoid a sickly kid or a nanny with mastitis, its worth the crick in the neck.

VIDEO of the twins this morning. The waggly tails mean we are getting to the milk.

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