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Friday, December 12, 2008

False Alarm

I really though we were going to have kids yesterday or today, because I took a discharge as a sign. The tail area seemed soft, but a day later, no goat babies.
I mean really, doesn't she look ripe for her first kidding?
She spent the night in her own area that is all clean and closed off from the other girls. I had her in the barn today.
We've had the baby monitor on at night on for about a week now. I bought it second hand - of course. Poor child of mine never had one!!

We were given due dates of last week in November and second week of December.

What's funny is that one night the channel on the receiver got switched and the next morning I was getting some one's morning activities with little kids voices and a hairdryer.
I called the only neighbor that I could imagine it was and luckily it wasn't them.
But then who was it?
How far does this thing transmit?
Its pretty far from inside the barn to the bedroom. 100 yards maybe.
I call this the "suitcase for the hospital".
Its been in the kitchen for a month.
We are ready to go.

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Butch said...

Hello Deere Driver,

Are you going to be at the Farmers Market this coming summer?
A friend told us about goat cheese and how good it was.Keep us posted.

Butch Bellas