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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fence Charger

This is our new 6 joule charger that runs the new fences.

The new fence system is in three zones. There are the two main areas that can be divided into smaller paddocks with electronet or green posts, and the small "high security" section.
This charger has a red and green light system that tells you that its operating well or not. As you can see, we are all green. It is connected to three 8 foot grounding rods that had to pounded all they way into the ground 10 feet apart to complete the circuit and to provide better conductivity.
There is a panel that has three cut off switches so that one or all the fence sections can be run. Now we have an orange extension cord plugged into the other outlet for the heated bucket outside, so it gets even more colorful and complicated.
The wires are fed out the barn corner and are connected to the separate sections using crimps and underground wires in pipes that lead to the two main fields. There are pipes with more wire under the gates so that all the fences are HOT.
The old corral has its own fence system and charger for the horse when he's in there. This is rifle season for deer, so the horse and goats have been close to the barn all week. One more week of hunting and things will quiet down.
So far we have managed to stay away from the new fence. So far. Not looking forward to getting hit. The dog got hit in the nose early on and has high respect for the fence now. I saw both cats get shocked this week and they lived to tell the tale. I guess I'll make it.

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