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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goat Blubbering and Courting

I had the baby monitor on last night. As soon as Claire came into the barn to take care of the horse, Uno started carrying on. Got me out of so bed fast until I realized it was not Layla. Uno had laryngitis about a month ago. I'll say she's over it. She was awake and in heat and wanted her man.

She is the last doe to be bred in this cycle and now we have to watch the calendar to see if everyone seems "settled", as they say in goat talk. Pregnant in people talk. We will have to watch 18 - 21 days from when they were bred to see if we have more tail wagging (see more in the videos below), etc.. Seems they went at about 19-20 days from the last times, but it will be a watching game.

This video is low key compared to some of the past activity. Keeping it PG13. I am not allowed to publish obscene material. One might consider what comes after a bit racy anyway. Hence, only the dating part for you. The tongue wagging could be considered obscene by some but the goats call it courting.

You will notice Bucky with his head wedged in a small space and somewhat stuck because of his horns. There is a ledge he can get his front feet on to look out, so that's why he goes through so much trouble to be there. He can look down the barn to see what's happening. Uno is the doe with him.


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