“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Layla and the girls were outside on the hill in the old winter grazing field today. We had a breezy but sunny afternoon in the mid thirties. Layla had her twins in the grass in front of the old shed. Dave said he had seen her go in the shed earlier. We've been watching her closely.
This is the little buck. He's got a voice on him.They are about 15 minutes to 1/2 hour old in this set of pictures.
Remember, this is natural.
OK. Naturally we were at the Giant Eagle for the blessed event. Half way home we get a call from the neighbors who got to be at the first arrival of Uno. They get to see my goats before I do again! No Fair!!!!! But it was hugs all around. Its been a long wait,
The dark faced kid is a doe. She is a bit taller.

Layla is cleaning her babies. This is her first kidding and she is being an excellent mother.