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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flood Conditions

Old railroad bridge abutment on Mill Creek behind the Ligonier Stadium.
These were taken with the phone around 2:30pm on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately I had the incorrect size setting. Those of you that recognize the area realize that normally you have to lean over the abutment edge to see water. The good thing is that this is about as high as it will get. The water will spread on other surfaces before it can rise much more.

Friday evening there was a short while where we were close to being an island. The intersection to the west of us near the firehouse was flooded mid day. At 4pm I was worried about crossing water almost up to the Explorer's belly. Too fast and you churned up the water too much. Made it though.

That evening when I walked down the lane to see how high the Four Mile Run was - high - I realized that no traffic was traveling on Darlington Road. I guess by then the "Road Closed" signs were up on Idlewild Hill Road.

High water on the pond VIDEO

Because the rain was so heavy starting in the morning, the goats stayed in the open part of the barn for the day. They would not have gone outside anyway. They had been hating walking in the mud and puddles already. IF they went out, they would all huddle in the shed and their hay would have gotten wet and ruined.
My mistake was not thinking about the trouble they could make in a day. Lets just say half a baby monitor lost its power. The wire was chewed in half - plugged in - so I wonder who got a little jolt, or a big one.
Then they got into the shredded paper and had that all over the ground. I guess they didn't think I gave them enough hay. They eat paper sometimes, even if they have hay. They chase me around as I spread clean paper in their stalls, and they gobble it up. I try to make the piles tall so they don't get to the dirty stuff underneath, but I think they are pickier then that anyway.

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