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Monday, December 29, 2008

Keep A Dog to Keep You Healthy

The blur in the picture is Jock, our almost seven year old Border Collie. He is the farm herder although he is not always herding what we want him too. When he does run, as in this picture, he is fast. Even on the quad, he can circle you up to maybe third gear. An old neighbor clocked him at 35 MPH -going downhill- onetime.

He was adopted five Novembers ago from a home in Rector where he was getting picked on by other dogs and needed his own place. We were lucky to find him although the road has not always been smooth. But that is a long story.

The short story is that house breaking a two year old, high energy, frightened dog was a hard and amazing project. It also probably is one reason we know our property as well as we do. He demanded many walks in ALL - I repeat - ALL weather, to keep him calm and trained. I live by the quote, "A good dog is a tired dog." I think that without Jock on the property we all would be less healthy. He has been a good exercise leader.

Jock tends to be submissive with other dogs and friendly with just about anyone, but only for a short span. Then his attention is elsewhere. But start a vehicle or open a door, and speed is the word.

The VIDEO is Jock with our daughter Kristin, taking a spin on her quad.

Yes -those are the goats in the background. It was sunset and they wanted into the barn for the night. They know the routine.

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Diane Cipa said...

You have the perfect place for a border collie. I've always thought of them like the horse of dogs. You really need space and plenty of it. He has found a great home.